Jeannie Olwyn Clark

Artist | Printmaker | Teacher

Cell, Group Exhibition The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity.

I am pleased to say that I was invited by Hannah Robin Baker to take part in a group collaborative project , titled “CELL”. The creative work made for this collaboration was shown as part of The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity Exhibition at the Island Venue in Bristol , as part of the IMPACT 12 print conference run by the UWE.
The inspiration for the theme, “CELL ” came from the location of the exhibition space , which used to be an old police station.
Artists include Sarah Grounds Danielle Penhaligan Anita Wernström Pitcher Lee Hazeldine Helen Tranckle Cheryl L Huntbach Jeannie Clark Maria X Demas Louisa Halliday Melissa Turnbull and many others not on Facebook! Aron Spall, Frances Grant, Brian Lunn, Jenny Walden, Chris Giorgi
The exhibition was brilliantly curated by Sarah Strachan and Ayeshah Zolghadr – thank you so much for all your hard work!! Xx
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